Food Security and Sovereignty panel. Life is a chemical transmutation of sunlight (Lynn Margulis, formulator of simbiogenesis))


  • Ernesto Ruíz. Asesoría Técnica Medioambiental  (ATECMA)
  • Brigitte Mauch-Mani. Université de Neuchâtel.
  • Jose Luís Vazquez Gómez (Organic farmer)


Agriculture and livestock nowadays. Impacts.
Alternatives to industrial agriculture.
Conflicts and synergies with wild species.
Fisheries and aquaculture.


Water resources and agriculture
Land Grabbing
Seed diversity versus GMO
Small farms and Industrial farms
Chemical & Trade Corporations
Local species
Farmers’ ageing
Earning one’s life on agriculture today
What will happen if our farmers disappear?
I eat the tomatoe that my grandfather ate, don’t I?
Phytopathology all over the world

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