Introduction to GIS course

On march a GIS introductory course will be done at Bahir Dar University. The course is a join effort of  Universitat Jaume I and Bahir Dar University  with the support of IIDL, AECID and GlobCons members. The course will be teach in English using the EVAI virtual class. The course is based on GIS for Disaster Risk Managment course.


University students and professors are often involved in projects with a need to collect process and analyze a huge amount of data. Geographical information system provide the tools to perform all this task. Nowadays it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of this tools to manage spatial information in an efficient way.


This course is interesting for professionals that works with spatial information and needs GIS tools to mange this kind of information.


The student will finish the course with a basic knowledge in GIS. The student will be capable of introducing new geospatial information in a GIS, process it, perform an analysis and finally create graphical output of the results.

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