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Universitat Jaume I Spain (UJI)

Sala de Graus
Facultat  de Ciències Juridíques y Econòmiques
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About Castellón:

Castellón extends on a flat ground between the mountains and the sea. It is the capital of the second most mountainous province in the peninsula and is bathed by the Mediterranean. It’s located on the 0 meridian, also called Greenwich, with the geographical diversity as its greatest attraction, which grows as we focus our sight on exact points. The city is experiencing an expansion process. It faces the sea and the new horizons provided by culture, which has always been, and is more and more established in its streets. Its unique landscapes and the white orange blossoms, which become oranges in autumn, turn this town into an indispensable stop to get to know the splendorous Valencian littoral.

How to reach Castellón from Valencia Airport:

The easiest way of travelling the distance between Castellón and Valencia is using a combination of subway (also known as Metro) and train service. Valencia subway net has 6 lines and all them converge in the city center. The airport has its own subway stop (called “Aeroport”) at one end of Lines 3 and 5, that are represented on green and red in this Metro Valencia network map. In the airport, you have to follow the metro sign that will lead you downstairs by elevator.

The city center is identified with a Metro stop called “Xàtiva”. This leg of the journey takes about 20 minutes and you have Metro service between airport and city center every 10-15 minutes. Please, when buying the ticket, remember that Airport is in “Zone B”, according to this map.

Once you reach the city center, you have to go up to the street and you will be just in front of the train station, called “Estació del Nord” or North Station.  When you enter the train station you will see the ticket office on your right and ticket machines just in front of ticket office. You may buy either office or machine and it will cost you 4.5€ one-way ticket. There is a regular train service (regional type is the cheapest) between Valencia and Castellón cities, so every 30-45 minutes there is one.  Please, consider that full name for Castellón city might appear on the ticket machine as “Castellón de la Plana”, do not be confused: it is the same destination. This leg of the journey takes around 1 hour.

Roughly, the full journey can take less than 10€: the Metro costs around 2€ while the train ticket is around 5€.

How to reach University Jaume I from Castellón train station:

When you go outside Castellón train station building, you will see the bus station: they are stick together. To take an urban bus to university, you have to cross the road, search for the bus stop and wait for buses 10, 11, 12 or 12B. Please, consider that to reach UJI you have to go on West direction (or to the left coming outside the train station) like if you were going outside the city.The university is about 10 minutes by bus and stops directly in the middle of the Campus. Bus ticket is 1.10€ single-way.